Abenity 2015–Present

I am responsible for everything on the front end, design and development. We have been modernizing a legacy codebase, creating a core app engine during the process that is used to compose all of our applications from a common set of shared models, controllers, and front end components. It’s our version of the “majestic monolith” concept. I have worked on a broad variety of things here, from building a tool that enables our marketing team to create HTML emails, to writing an admin for managing orders in our store, to designing logos and icons, to writing a small SPA in VueJS (although we mostly utilize good old fashioned server side pages). I collaborate closely with a backend developer to implement these projects.

RoundingWell 2013–2015

I completely rewrote all the CSS and HTML in our application into something modular and scalable using a combination of my intuition, the SMACSS philosophy of separating concerns, and BEM naming conventions. I also significantly leveled up my JavaScript skills during my time here, learning the Backbone and Marionette JavaScript frameworks as we rewrote our application into a single page application. The work we did was ultimately adopted into the open source libraries we used.

LifeWay 2011–2013

I did a bit of everything, from user testing to design to front end development to working in gross eCommerce CMS systems. I led UX projects on LifeWay.com and its network of various marketing sites, sometimes being the sole designer and developer, or sometimes collaborating with backend developers and/or other designers. I eventually was promoted to leading a small team, ensuring quality control on all the various graphics across LifeWay.com, as well as launching new branding initiatives that collaborated with designers across the company.

HCA 2007–2011

I started at HCA managing all the websites for two divisions of the company, totaling about 50 sites. I led projects, designed and developed websites, and trained people in how to use our proprietary CMS. I was then recruited to the corporate Communication & Design department. I was on a project to migrate all of HCA’s websites—we were responsible for roughly 600 sites for all of our facilities across the country—to a new content management system. Using the frameworks we put into place, we successfully launched 300 websites in 7 months.

Austin Peay State University 2003–2007

I graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Visual Communications & Graphic Design. I discovered web design here in 2005, and I began to hone all my skills and projects toward the goal of entering the web design industry upon graduating.